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Sunday, October 29, 2006 Bear With Me 'Friendships'

I know my dear friends that you'd been lurking and anxiously waiting for my post so often by now. This blog must be my third or fourth? I started way back in 2002 only to delete my blog account due to unbearable pressures brought by college life. Remember the days, Bio-kids??? After graduating, I made another random thoughts blog then a science discussion blog...all deleted because I didn't had enough time to update.

But now, due to most of you prodding me to put this up and share with you my recipes that have caught your so loving palates for good food, I finally considered to put up a food blog. My passion for food and my adventures lately in the kitchen and at other food places will consist most of its content. At least I may share it with you here now since we’re all busy in our own endeavors. I promise to update this as often as I could. And yes, I promise the Toshiwo sandwich, Pinaygourmand's clubhouse sandwich, chicken cucumber salad, Nachos and dips, Tacos, Lasagna, family trademark Caldereta and others that you keep on requesting for to post it here.

We seldom meet up lately and I have one way or another had promised most of you for a cooking session at my home or yours. I am so busy lately that I can't hang out with most of you without scheduling it at least a week in advance. Anyway, keep those requests coming thru my mail and phone. I will allot at least a whole day once a week to spend in the kitchen.

By the way, I wish to hang out with most of you while I revisit my favorite food places for my blog entries! And send those @#$% comments!! (*giggles*)

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