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Monday, October 30, 2006 Unhappy Over Doughnuts!

I was all armed by last Saturday night (and planned to make candies the next day) with everything I needed to make candies to give out on Halloween and as a dessert to an eyeball I am going to attend by next week. But running down thru the newspaper and having watched the news, Bagyong Paeng is expected to bring scattered rain showers by Sunday until Monday. What a total disappointment, how can I even make luscious truffles, rocky road candies and divinities??? It is not a good idea to make candies as what I had planned earlier and worst I wouldn’t have enough time to make those during weekdays anymore.

You’ll probably wonder what Bagyong Paeng has to do with candy making. It is a given fact that in the art of making candies, humidity higher than 60% or rainy days will affect its outcome. The candies will not set or harden at all. Candies are primarily made up of sugar which absorbs or locks in moisture from the air. Thus during rainy days, the candy might absorb too much moisture and the ingredients won’t stick together.

I had to forego candy making and started to think of a better alternative. I can't possibly make any dessert over the weekdays so, I have to buy something good. I remember my brother W told me about this doughnut line he found somewhere in Manila and recently opened a small booth besides the Caloocan City Hall. He liked the doughnuts so much that he wanted to franchise but the people behind it doesn’t have any plans to give out franchise opportunity yet. Quite intrigued, I went to the stall found at the intersection of A. Mabini and 10th avenue.

I curiously looked at their products, nothing “note taking”, just an affordable deal I guess. But since W said, “Their doughnuts are so good, parang natutunaw sa bibig!” I bought the entire remaining small doughnut balls- in chocolate, nutty and covered with candy sprinkle varieties; they called Dimples for Php2.00 each. I also bought their special Halloween offer of oblong shaped doughnuts topped with chocolate ganache in plain chocolate, vanilla, orange and strawberry flavors with a spider’s web design at Php 8.00 a piece. I bought 6 to try out. They also have other traditional doughnut flavors or choices but I have chosen enough already for a first time purchase. I only paid less than Php 200 and I got a bunch of doughnuts, what a great value I thought.

On my way back home, I tried to get a piece of each variant of Dimples. I find the Chocolate ball spongy, dry and lack flavors! The texture was almost like a dishwashing sponge and I kept on looking for a chocolate-y taste…nothing. Nutty balls, same spongy and dry. The Candy Sprinkle covered balls was too sweet-the bread was sweet and so as the cover, too overpowering sweetness for me. Value??? NADA, NADA, NADA!

As soon as I got home, I tried the orange flavored doughnuts only to get nauseous at the taste of the worst ever doughnut I had! The bread wasn’t soft- as if few days old. The chocolate topping was way, way to sweet; too greasy-probably a cheap kind. After taking 2 bites, I have said aloud, “Ano ba ito sebo? So it’s true, natutunaw sa bibig pala! As if I am ingesting oil emulsion that has coagulated for days! Nakakalaki ng ulo! Will W really want to sell these? I wouldn’t even buy from him if he will! NEVER!” My mom, sister and her kids second the motion. It was just really, really bad.

By the way, before I left the said booth, I asked for the owner’s business card from the crew. I threw it away at the thrash bin after I had to forcibly consume my piece of doughnut! And my nieces and nephew had to consume what was left. A haus will turn out to be really unhappy with those!!!!! UGGHHH! Next dessert hunt!

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