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Friday, April 06, 2007 Of Lent And Vacation..and the Hanging Blog Entry

I totally forgot that I have a hanging post about lifestyle(diet) as I got busy with readings related to the matter. You see, my mom had this curiosity and she wants me to read numerous health books (from where she got those, I don't know...I already have lots of this kind). She expects me to later on discuss it with her and eventually design a diet for her. She sent me 4 books, that I have to read within 4 days this Holy Week. I told her why the urgency? She said, she had to give back the books to a friend within 4 days. So I cram and read, and able to finish the 4 books in 3 days, mind you the thickness of those books is not a joke! But yesterday, my mom (as impulsive and very spontaneous) decided to take an out of town trip and wouldn't be back until Tuesday next week....Well, that only means she will not return the books until she comes back home! Oh well, mother! Anyways! Suprisingly(to most but not to me), those books contradict each other with quite convincing explanations that I almost concede with some of its claims but it was good my memory still serves me right, they can't just convince me easily.

As to my friends who wanted to shift into a healthy diet, they are into one already but not the same programme that I have. It will take time before shifting (if they still want to) to my kind of diet will be easy. The Lenten season helped them stick to their chosen diets.

And vacation..many Filipinos have deserted Metro Manila for a quick one by now. Isn't it one of the stressful time of the year to take a trip out of town??? I just heard someone took a trip to Baguio in 12 hours! My family in Manila never took a trip out of town during the Holy Week, it is either before or after. The traffic stresses everybody, the summer heat just adds to the tension...

It doesn't mean I wouldn't be enjoying the summer heat before it ends.... I will be back to the private community shorelines of a town in Batangas soon, a quick trip to Baguio will be good too. Maybe time to go south too. Time, time, time to explore the local destinations. And a good diet pays off....appearing appropriately sexy in a swim suit no?

Lent, as to how I celebrate it.... I only look forward to Ressurection Sunday or commonly known as Easter Sunday. Not for its bunnies and eggs, but to me that is the day worth celebrating and most important.

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