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Thursday, February 15, 2007 Election Fever

Last Friday night, I got a very good opportunity to hang out with a long time friend that I haven’t seen for quite some time. It was a great enjoyable time, engaging with conversations over matters that keep both of us busy nowadays and of course with quite some laughs in between. Oh, and with a sumptuous dinner and tea at the comforts of my home. Smooth as it seems to begin the night with, it turned a bit serious and sour as the conversation shifted into politics. Most recently over a formal dinner, AGAIN political issues made its way into a generally very pleasant and relax foodies’ conversation to my dismay.

I tried hard to elude the topic, even more if I am being asked with my personal views and worst when asked who I’ll be voting or rooting for. To such very persistent guest, who even mentioned about my father’s activities long, long time ago, it was too awkward and uncomfortable. Such things are done, and that were of my father’s agendas NOT mine or anyone in the immediate family nowadays. Endorsements, supports or even candidacies are out of the picture since a decade ago. I am in no way pro-campaigning voluntarily or not for any individual, party or whatsoever.

My views are mine alone and I do not wish to dictate nor influence one’s judgment to any individual identified in the local politics. Voting is suffrage- a privilege for all. Though with all the hullabaloos in local politics, I believe there should be respect in anyone’s judgment (right or wrong) whether from the elites, middle class or the masses. My personal views and factual knowledge over matters in the local politics are unnecessary. Go talk about it as long as you want but stop prodding me to engage and stir issues or give affirmative and negative responses to feed your curiosity-or should I say, you being very “tsismoso” as if you’d gain anything from any information. It is so inane, totally jejune….so I keep mum. Period.

I stand apolitical. Whoever sits in the government, I abide by the law and respect those in authority-as expected from any Filipino citizen. Respect doesn’t coincide with having mutual taste over certain matters. Though my beliefs and concerns may not concur with the authorities, that will not mean I will add to the clamor but I will certainly be firm with my convictions.

I have only one thing to say: generally politics isn’t dirty; what makes it complicated and squalid or nasty are some people who are in politics. Don’t you agree?

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