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Friday, January 19, 2007 Brief Update

Yikes! Oh yikes!!! It has been a while and I’ve been almost a month gone to a blog holiday! I am doing absolutely fine since the entire craze during the holidays, after a slight vehicular accident on the way out of town on New Year’s Day and a little busy-ness until after the Epiphany. Holiday season at my household is lengthy than others perhaps! I also have some other things to immediately attend to. For those who sent mails, thank you so much for the concern and nothing to worry about.

The earthquake in Taiwan is also slightly to blame and caused me to have a hard time logging in here. Blogger’s service is so hard to use and the internet provider has a terrible service as well. I have a list of things to post but most are untimely. I am trying to post on a track; I also have a series of blog entries that I haven’t even finished yet just like the organic produces from the home garden! Geez!

I’ve been checking out my personal recipe boxes, my mom’s collection of tried and tested recipes when time permits and I realized that we both don’t keep an accurate amount of ingredients in most recipes(sans baking). I’ve been trying to rewrite some of it with a definite ingredient’s amount specification. A lot of kitchen work nowadays! Truth is, my family and family friends had been trying to persuade me to take the business my mom had left almost 2 years ago. I am in a state that I am having second thoughts and evaluating everything before jumping into it. But since I’m embracing kitchen testing during spare time, I will most probably have again least time to blog. But fret not, I will post as long as I have time. For those who have queries, request for recipes, tips and the likes….keep it coming! I will answer your mail/s right away. DON’T HESITATE!

Oh, by the way I've visited MV Doulos since its first opening day. I have some cookbooks/baking books that I got for a bargain price. Like a book by a celebrity chef that you'll most likely get at Php 1,500 and I bought it at.....Php 300!!! A British published cookbook that is nowhere to be found locally that is only Php 500 and most likely about $25-30 in the US! There were other books at Php 700 that are if nowhere to be found in Manila, are most likely priced at least Php 3,000 for its kind! There were more, but you have to know which is a definite bargain so you get a very good deal. I had to really browse the shelves to find those books which are in fact the last pieces of its kind. I've been there again last Monday and they still have a good array of cookbooks but not as diversified as the first day, I am told they will replenish the shelves, so if you have time check it out:

MV Doulos is at the South Harbor Near Manila Hotel Gate 1 Pier 13. It's near the Superferry terminal(Pier 15) and just almost beside the Manila Floating Hotel & Restaurant (MFHRI).

It is hard to miss! That's it for now.

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