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Wednesday, November 29, 2006 Stocking Stuffers For Foodies And Kitchen Freaks

In line with my previous post about my top 12 recommended gifts for kitchen freaks, I thought of making a short list of stocking stuffers too. Not everyone has sufficient budget to buy cookware sets, cutlery, flatware or dinnerware. Though I have mentioned some possible stocking stuffers and small gift ideas (about 4) for those on a budget in the previous list, it is just a bright idea to come up with a separate list of small gifts for those stockings hanging on the window or perhaps on the wall.

I would like to come up with this list to consist of only six. Why 6? Well I just want to offer you few choices so you can decide easier and better and besides it’s the number half of what my earlier list was. Let’s roll it!

1. Barbecue Belt
Few months from now, road trips, picnic and barbecue at the beach or at the park are the activities for the season and this should come handy. Or it might be of great use really soon if grilling is part of the holiday cooking.

2. Shockolate Vault Jar
This is the answer to constant haste to temptations! If somebody is on a diet or having some sugar problems and need to be deprived with all the sweets in the pantry for a while and seems to have very low self control for such, this is it! The vault can be set up to a day advance, and if someone tries to open it..kaboom, electric shock!

3. Deluxe Chocolatiere
This cutie chocolatiere is similar to a fondue set and cheaper than chocolate fountains yet you get the same fun and excitement using it during parties. It comes with pots, dual heater, spatula, rack, molds, forks, skewers, sticks and a recipe booklet.

4. SensorFreshQ for Meat and Poultry
Anyone can never be too sure of the quality of meat you get from markets and supermarkets. And if you tend to hoard and stock up your refrigerators with loads of meat you might have probably forgot when those meat were purchased thus unsure of its quality. Just hold and point this sensor an inch away from the meat and it does the readings for you-whether it’s good or need to trash. It’s handy!

5. Valrhona Chocolates
This is the ultimate baker’s choice among baking chocolates. Since it isn’t quite readily available everywhere, it is such a thoughtful treat for a foodie.

6. Gift Certificates
Still can’t decide what to give?? Then just get these most versatile gift certificates. SM Gold Gift Certificate is honored in any SM Malls’ department stores, grocery, Toy Kingdom, Surplus Shop, Ace Hardware, our Home, Watsons and many more! If that isn’t enough for you try Sodexho Premium Pass. It entitles bearer to use it among 3,000 establishments including SM, Robinsons, McDonald’s and a lot more!

So by now I have given a total of 10 small gift ideas for you to choose from this holiday season. Isn't it a joy to be able to see smiling faces from those who receive gifts from you? Better save, save , save so you can be anyone's Santa!!!

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