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Thursday, November 09, 2006 Restaurant 5's Chef Tells About Their Famous Paella

I recently posted my favorite food places around Manila, and lastly (but definitely NOT the least) mentioned Restaurant 5 of the Discovery Suites. It has always delights me of what this place offers every time I go there, whether a lunch buffet, a breakfast, lunch or dinner sit-down dining.

And who else is responsible for the famous cuisine Discovery Suites has to offer (including Discovery Suites Tagaytay)? None other than the Corporate Chef David Pardo de Ayala; on this video clip, he shares why their Paella is famous and one of the reasons why I just love Restaurant 5.

video clip courtesy of clipcast

Don’t you just love it when a food establishment tries to please Filipino palates? Extending utmost service to serve and customize a dish to satisfy ones preference? I DO! And I will never ever mind vouching (freely) for anybody or anything that exudes ingenuity. (the food absolutely suits my palate anyway)

If that isn't enough, well then watch this another video clip!

Video clip courtesy of clipcast

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