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Monday, November 20, 2006 Grilled Tawilis

Being quite busy lately, missing photos, a camera who wouldn’t cooperate with the pc and all sorts of *beep* arising. All I needed over the weekend was a good movie, nice food trip and a usual trip to the supermarket. I did have a nice movie to watch, food trip was great (let’s talk about it some other time) but a trip to the supermarket had to be skipped for a Pacquiao Morales match. And whenever I skip it, most likely it only means one thing- NO fresh seafood or fish for Sunday dinner.

So it’s a total glorious Sunday (in lieu of celebrating Pacquiao’s triumph..hehe) to get some fresh Tawilis courtesy of ever so loving and kind friend, who often knocks on your door and delivers it to you. THANK YOU! So what to do with the Tawilis?Grill it! I made an Eggplant Salad to go with it for yesterday’s dinner. YUM! Simply Pinoy comfort food on a weekend.

Photo courtesy of Liezel

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