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Friday, November 10, 2006 Competition Over 'Tawilis' Hunt

Yesterday, as I do my ritual morning Philippine Daily Inquirer reading, I came across an article about one of my favorite fish, Tawilis. The article was about the gill net and suro fishing methods currently being practice by fisherfolks in Batangas. Apparently, the suro fishers have affected the smaller scale fishermen who use traditional gill nets to catch Tawilis. There is a current consultation meetings in regards to a probable ordinance banning suro fishing since it is said to be an illegal means or gear in fishing. Using suro method will yield to an average 150 kilos of Tawilis everyday compared to using net that only get about 5 kilos per day!!! Indeed, an unbalance competition! And since it is considered endemic, it may put the species into extinction and I will definitely be sadden with that, so I am for the banning of suro fishing!!

Tawilis (Sardinella Tawilis) is an endemic fish to the Taal Lake and not too common in public markets but from time to time (mostly during weekends) I find it at the SM Supermarket. It is on sale for Php150-160 a kilo, too pricey if you’d ask me! But since I seldom get to see it in any public market which I frequently visit, I’m bound to purchase it a kilo (lone consumption..hehehe) per week.

It may be not so delectable looking aesthetically but it has this flavor that I delight on. I especially like it grilled or fried to a crisp. Eaten with a mound (to mounds!) of rice and paired with Ampalaya Salad or Salted Eggs and Tomatoes. For other folks in Batangas they cook it Sinaing style- slabs of pork fat are used to line a palayok topped with few fresh or dried Kamias then layers of Tawilis and again topped with some Kamias a little water cooked and simmered until the broth tastes like a patis. This is also a known cooking method for Tulingan and it is my mom's favorite.

Photos courtesy of:Robbie Cada & Reyes,R.B.

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